Best Yoga Poses for Sports Injury Prevention

Yoga offers many ways with which an individual can build up the necessary muscular support to prevent injuries in various sports.

The poses outlined below are quite simple and the can be done in the morning, afternoon or evening. They help with blood flow and flexibility as well, both are important in maintaining a healthy and strong body.

The places that are usually injured the most are the knees, shoulders, and back. There are of course some sport injuries that cannot be prevented by yoga, such as football impact injuries. However, Yoga offers certain poses that can help to strengthenĀ  troublesome areas of the body and allow for greater range of movement. Let’s find out some more about them.


The knees are used all the time to perform many movements when it comes to those who run often and do any form of exercise frequently. It is smart to try and prevent any more wear and tear on them by performing the following Yoga pose:

The child’s pose is easy to perform. It is a good idea to place some blankets under the knees for added padding and protection while doing this. Keeping the feet together, rest the belly in the middle of the thighs with knees bent, the rear should be touching the heels with the forehead on the floor and both arms fully extended. Hold this pose for some deep breaths and add more time as flexibility improves.


Shoulders are a joint that are always under great stress because they are involved in every upper body movement. It is also easy to get injured because it consists of so many smaller parts, more so than any other joint. Let’s see how Yoga can help to strengthen it to prevent injury:

The cow face pose is a relaxing movement that helps in stretching the whole shoulder. A towel can be used as a prop to help do this in case one is not flexible enough. While sitting on the floor or standing, stretch one arm behind the head and the other behind the middle of the back. Now join both hands together and feel that wonderful stretch.


The back is a problem area for many. It is always under the weight and stress of every day life, especially for those who are active. It is important to use Yoga to help strengthen this area as well. The following pose can help to build support:

The bridge pose helps to focus on this area and work the muscles that help to keep it in line. While lying on the floor, bend your knees, breathe out and press the arms and feet into the floor while pushing the lower back upward. Lift the rear off the floor, exhale and keep the upper legs parallel with the feet. Hold this for half a minute and return to the starting position.

These are just a few of the many poses that Yoga can offer to anyone who is looking to prevent future injuries that can be quite unpleasant. Take advantage of this tool and put it to good use by performing these poses as a starting point and build on these with others for an injury-free life!