Benefits Of Trampoline Exercise

Yoga is a fantastic way to get exercise and gain flexibility, but it is not the only way you can improve your fitness and well-being. We love yoga here at Jivamuktiyoga, but we also believe that moderation and variety is important. You should be incorporating other types of exercise into your routine to make sure you are well balanced in all respects!

So today I’d like to talk about another fun way to get a great workout… Can you remember a time when your day seemed to lit up just at the sight of a trampoline? Can you recall the exhilaration you felt while you jumped up and down on it, with no care in the world, only two things mattered; you and your high pitched laughter and the little trampoline underneath you.

Now you can integrate this fond memory into your busy adult life and it might turn out to be the very thing you needed in your life. You can find a great trampoline review at Piranha:best trampolining fitness reviewA trampoline workout, or rebounding as it is more formally called, has proven to be extremely beneficial for your health. It does not only allows you to burn calories more quickly than jogging or walking but is also less stressful for the joints. Additionally, it is a workout that does not feels like work at all.

Here’s what makes trampoline workouts great:

They seem easier, & less stressful.

The springs and bungee bands used in trampoline help absorb the impact while bouncing and this in turn reduces the stress caused on your soft tissue and joints. This in turn will reduce the risk that comes along with running and jogging and will naturally reduce joint pains. There is no need to worry about those micro-trauma injuries to your heels anymore.

Increased metabolism and better coordination

Rebounding is a great way to reduce those extra calories that have been bothering you for ages. Rebounding is essentially a metabolic exercise which makes it a valuable asset when it comes to reducing weight. The nutrients in your body are more effectively processed due to the increased rate of metabolism after exercising on a trampoline.

Due to the immense amount of concentration required while using the trampoline, your motor skills are improved as a side effect. Balancing and maintaining your position while rebounding entails the perfect harmony between your muscle and limbs, and in doing so you improve your coordination as a whole.

Helps in improving your cardiovascular health

Rebounding is a more effective way of cardio than running and you do not even have to put in more effort. Jumping increases your pulse rate which in turn increases the oxygen that is pumped throughout your body, resulting in a more healthier body.

The increased blood flow to the heart also reduces risk of a heart attack by increasing your heart strength and efficiency.

Improved immune system

The strength of your immune system depends on you lymphatic system. Unlike, the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system relies solely on our body movement.

Rebounding on the trampoline involves the movement of the whole body. It is a complete body workout, which allows an increase in the circulation of the lymphatic fluid. This leads to a significant boost in your immune system, which safeguards you from diseases and illnesses.

Strengthens your mentality as well as your bones

Trampoline increases the blood flow to your brain. This increased supply of fresh oxygen to the brain not only leads to a heightened state of awareness but is also said to improve your eyesight and reflex time. In addition, the physical exertion would have a positive impact on your mental state; you would feel more positive and happier.

The continuous process of jumping up and down puts an evenly distributed stress on all of your bones. This not only helps in the development of your musculoskeletal but also helps improve the mineral content of your bones. It especially strengthens up your back without the excessive stress that you have to experience during regular exercises.

Effective and fun at the same time

Trampoline is a fun way to exercise and everyone can take part in it. Not only can you use the trampoline within the boundaries of your own house, you have a variety of aerobics and workouts to choose from. Its the perfect way to improve your health in the most enjoyable of ways.

Things to Consider:

No matter how beneficial something is, it always comes with a risk. So before you start of with your jumping routine, it is essential that you consult with your physician, especially if you are suffering from a prior illness or injury. Also, make sure to never leave the trampoline unattended when there are children present.

Adding a trampoline to your workout routine might be the best decision you have ever made. Have fun bouncing!