Yoga For Back Pain Routine

Do you have back pain? Try this great yoga routine focused on strengthening and stretching out the back.

Most people do not realize that it isn’t a good idea to try to stretch out a sore back before it is warm. It feels good to try to stretch out your sore back, but it won’t help if the muscles are tensed up. In fact, you could end up pulling other muscles. The trick is to get your back warmed up through intense exercise, first. Make sure it is an exercise the fully extends your back muscles, so you feel a bit of a stretch at the end of the eccentric motion. You should be exercising through the full range of motion. A great exercise for a sore back is the dead lift, which will strengthen your back over time, stretch out your back and hamstrings, and prevent soreness in the future. After exercising, then you can stretch to increase your range of motion even further!

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