Yoga For Endurance Athletes

Notes on this yoga practice:

  • Focuses on the lower body
  • Does not improve conditioning for endurance
  • Balances muscles, provides exercise to muscles otherwise not used much
  • Reduces chance of injury
  • Makes running more comfortable and fluid

Yoga for endurance athletes focuses on the lower body, focusing on tension in the joints of the lower body and in the hamstrings and feet. This practice allows a runner to rely on his or her feet more easily, reduces risk of injury and improves joint strength.

Of course, yoga is not as intense as a long distance run, so it does not improve conditioning as much as it helps with loosening the joints, providing a complementary exercise to strengthen opposing muscles, which in turn helps reduce muscle imbalances and reduces chance of injury.

Because the body of the endurance athlete uses certain muscles significantly more than others, the opposing muscles must be exercised so that long-term injury doesn’t occur as frequently.

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